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Published: 25th February 2010
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Most of you have probably heard of GreenBackStreet which made a breakthrough with its money-back system. Through their online system they linked several hundred vendors, online shops together and they are available on global scale.

One of the few companies which could produce millionaires who just invited their friends, relatives, prospects into their free to join cash-back program.

What GreenBackStreet was able to achieve in the online consumer community Lyoness reproduced in the offline world. When they launched their program in Europe and wiped out their competition if there was any worth to mention. The initial period was the hardest for them when they had to dig through the rejection with their small initial member base. Lyoness grew out the borders of several European countries and now its ready to conquer the United States.

Lyoness is now available in 28 countries of Europe offering the whole spectrum of goods so there are literally no products which could not be purchased through their system. Why is cash-back so powerful and why did it succeed? The idea of getting up to 26% cash-back on every dime we spend and being a member of this community for free has a magnetic effect.

Its like having all of our gift cards integrated into one. Really simple.

And here are the good news. Lyoness is ready to announce it's lauch in the United State and you got this information before it went public. The American market doesn't even know about this upcoming tidal wave. The first ones who start building their own networks there would literally own the whole market and you can be one of them.

I have an other great news for you. I dissected their marketing strategy and the way they teach their marketers and you will have a great advantage. I have put together a training course on how to make the most of out of your Lyoness business. How to stand out from the crowd who will just use the old fashioned mlm principles.

You may will have your perspective how you are looking at your business now completely changed but I know you will love the idea how to provide and lead with value so people will follow you.

I know how the new millionaires structure their business online, what techniques they use and how they use it. They stand out because they know enough of the "how to"-s. This skill-set combined with effort always produce great results.

They can make videos which sell, they can utilize article, blog Ezine,forum, video, twitter, social marketing and make their way to the top of Google. Most of these tools are completely free and their automation is ridiculously cheap. You don't have to be a guru.

Gurus aren't so high and mighty. The skills which provides results are the same everywhere.

Lyoness provides a great stable company background for you to build a steady income stream on it. Your ultimate goal must be only to become amaster marketer.

If you did not know how to lead with value on the market let me show you how can build an own online empire and explode your Lyoness business.

Norbert Szabo is an expert marketer teaching how tostart business online By reviewing companies like Lyoness he wants to give a non biesed overview of the market.

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